About Orby

 Orby is an award winning and exciting range of children’s swimwear designed with the development of swimming skills as the top priority. 

 The Orby Jetsuit is a patented technology which enables full individual buoyancy control with a pump and release air system which distributes air into air chambers (lungs) in the front and rear of the jetsuit. These are adjusted according to the swimmers ability and confidence in the water. The Jetsuit is an innovative technology which allows learner and adult to measure progression, ability and confidence in the water. 

Swim Schools

 Our new Orby Jetsuit classes and Swimabree sensory products will elevate baby and toddler swim classes to the next generation- allowing swim teachers , parents and guardians to actually measure great progression in our swim classes.  

Orby swim suits

Made with wet suit 2mm neoprene material  super soft material will keep kids warmer and happier and more comfortable in water. The unique Jet suit keeps kids perfectly balanced in the water and the adjustable buoyancy control system incorporated into the suit allows each individual child to develop their own swimming s